Gift Box – Dahlonega Jerky Co. Favorites

Gift Box – Dahlonega Jerky Co. Favorites

Dahlonega It’s Pure Gold is our town motto.  To celebrate our rich history, we have created this gift box featuring our Dahlonega Jerky Co. best selling Steakhouse Brisket jerky and our Chipotle Whiskey jerky made with the local distillery’s corn whiskey!


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We’ll send you all of our Dahlonega Jerky Co. favorites:

  • Dahlonega Jerky Co. Tender Steakhouse jerky (3 oz each) –  Black Pepper Brisket, Teriyaki Brisket and Sweet & Spicy Brisket .
  • Dahlonega Jerky Co. Taste Local Flavors jerky (3 oz each)- Chipotle-Whiskey Beef jerky made with Dawsonville Distillery Spirits
  • Dahlonega Pure Gold Hot Sauce gift set – (3.5 oz) – the “medium-hot” Jamaican Jerk flavor and the “very hot” Dragon Breath flavor.
  • Gold Nugget bubble gum