Pork Jerky

  • Sampler – Piggy Pack

    Piggy Pack sampler is designed for the Pork lover! Comprised of 3 of our most popular pork items:

    Savage Sriracha Bacon jerky (2 oz) – sweet and spicy strips of bacon!

    JC Rivers Maple Bacon jerky (2 oz) – a medium chew jerky with a hickory smoke taste and the sweetness of maple syrup.

    Plain Microwave Pork Rinds (10 oz) – just microwave a 1/4 cup of pork rinds in a brown paper bag and you have a hot and crispy pork rind snack

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  • jc rivers

    JC Rivers Maple Bacon

    JC Rivers Maple Bacon Jerky is a gourmet jerky, handmade in small batches every day, this jerky is always fresh!

    • Flavor – smoky bacon with a prominent maple syrup sweetness and mild heat.

    • Meat cut – Thick cut slices of bacon

    • Chewing texture – A medium-firm chew jerky

    2.0 ounce

  • savage jerky

    Savage Sriracha Bacon

    Savage Sriracha Bacon jerky offers a Classic Bacon flavor that has been kicked-up just a bit with the addition of Sriracha pepper.

    • Flavor – sweet smoky bacon with sriracha heat. ¬†Mild heat level.

    • Meat cut – thick cut pieces of meat

    • Chewing texture – medium chew

    2 ounce resealable bag