Yak Jerky


Yak jerky meat has a lean and delicate flavor and is a staple food in the Himalayas and south central Asia. Yak has a high iron content and is lower in calories and higher in protein than beef, bison or elk.

  • Flavor – a hickory smoked yak jerky seasoned with mild black pepper and similar in taste to grass fed beef and bison.
  • Meat cut – Medium-thick strips of whole muscle meat
  • Chewing texture – A medium chew jerky

1.75 ounce, a seasonal meat and subject to availability


Yak Jerky is made from hand-cut slices of whole muscle meat. Then hickory smoked with no preservatives, no MSG, and no nitrites.

Ingredients: Yak, brown sugar, soy sauce, water, salt, spices.