Samplers & Gifts

  • Eatible Insects

    The Eatible Insect snack collection is made from farm raised insects (not free range 😉 You will be shipped 4 delicious items, one box of each: dehydrated and seasoned Worm Larva, Crickets, Chocolate Covered Ants, and an Insect Sucker!

  • Gift – Teriyaki Sampler

    Teriyaki gift sampler is comprised of 3 of our most popular Teriyaki seasoned jerky: Duck Jerky, Teriyaki Beef jerky and Sriracha Teriyaki beef jerky.

    The duck breast jerky is hickory smoked and seasoned with teriyaki and black pepper (1.75 oz).

    The beef jerky is made of strips of whole muscle meat, marinated in Teriyaki sauce and hickory smoked (1.75 oz).

    The Sriracha Teriyaki offers a Classic Teriyaki flavor that has been kicked-up just a bit with the addition of Sriracha pepper and hints of cilantro (3 oz).

    6.25 oz gift

    $25.00 $22.95
  • Gift Pack – Endorphin Explosion

    Endorphin Explosion contains four of our best selling Endorphin Releasing items with a heat index of 10 of 10!

    Get your happy on with Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Jalapeno and Tabasco peppers AND Dark Chocolate! You won’t be disapointed by this heat!

    The gift pack contains: a 3 oz pack of Savage Reaper jerky, a 3 oz pack of JC Rivers Ghost Pepper jerky, a 5 oz bottle of “Scorned Woman” hot sauce and a Tabasco Chocolate bar.

    $25.00 $22.95
  • Gift Pack – Lovin’ the Mojo Heat

    Lovin’ the Mojo Heat is the perfect gift to share with that special “hot” friend.

    Comprised of 4 of our most popular items: Savage Mojo Habanero beef jerky (3 oz), JC Rivers Honey Turkey jerky (2 oz), Original Juan Bite Me hot sauce (5 oz), pack of Hotlix Cinnamon flavored tooth picks.

    gift pack

    $23.00 $19.95
  • Gift Pack – Moonshine Munchies

    Moonshine Munchies is a unique mix of new and old time favorites! Comprised of 4 items:

    Tennessee Moonshine Jelly (8 oz) – citrus jelly flavored with Corn Whiskey Moonshine.

    JC Rivers Chipotle Bourbon jerky (3 oz) – traditional slab cut jerky with a smoky, spicy hot flavor and a touch of bourbon.

    Roasted & Salted Toasted Corn (8 oz) – These are small and crispy (not hard) corn nuts.

    Candy Cigarettes (.42 oz) – the old fashioned candy cigarettes.

    gift pack

    $19.95 $17.95
  • Gift Pack – Piggy Pack

    Piggy Pack is designed for the Pork lover! Comprised of 3 of our most popular pork items:

    Savage Sriracha Bacon jerky (2 oz) – sweet and spicy strips of bacon!

    JC Rivers Maple Bacon jerky (2 oz) – a medium chew jerky with a hickory smoke taste and the sweetness of maple syrup.

    Plain Microwave Pork Rinds (10 oz) – just microwave a 1/4 cup of pork rinds in a brown paper bag and you have a hot and crispy pork rind snack

    gift pack

    $25.00 $22.95
  • Gift Pack – Swamp Snacks

    Swamp Snacks is a unique mix of swamp creatures comprised of 4 items:

    Wild Boar Jerky (2 oz) – wild caught in the Southeast. The meat is cut in thin slabs, marinated in teriyaki and seasoned black table pepper.

    Alligator Jerky (1.75 oz) – alligator tail meat cut in strips and hickory smoked; seasoned with soy sauce, salt and black pepper. Similar to the mild flavor of frog legs.

    Swamp Juice Hot Sauce (5 oz) – Medium Cajun heat.

    Dried Crickets (1.4 g) – made from farm raised crickets (not free range 😉 (you will receive either Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion, or Bacon & Cheese seasoning)

    Gift pack doesn’t include gator head.

    $30.00 $25.95
  • Gift Sampler – Traditional Jerky

    Traditional jerky sampler is comprised of 8 of our most popular Hickory Smoked beef and turkey flavor jerky. Mountain America: Original Beef, Garlic Pepper Beef, Spicy Beef, Sweet & Spicy Beef. JC Rivers: Natural Beef, Teriyaki Beef, Western Beef and Black Pepper Turkey.

    8    1.0 ounce bags

    $30.00 $27.95
  • Gift Sampler – Wild Game Jerky

    Wild Game jerky sampler is comprised of 4 of our most popular exotic game jerky: Alligator, Buffalo, Elk, and Venison.

    All are the original hickory smoked flavor, venison has a bit of cayenne pepper.

    4 1.0 ounce bags

    $27.00 $24.95