Ahi Tuna Jerky

Ahi Tuna Jerky is naturally high in protein and low in fat.

  • Flavor – Sushi grade, wild caught Yellow Fin Ahi Tuna. Soy sauce, ginger and a bit of spice. Spicy level mild.

  • Meat Cut – Medium thickness, 2-3″ pieces

  • Chewing texture – firm chew, but not too dry

2.5 ounce resealable bag


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Ahi Tuna jerky is made with Dolphin safe wild caught Yellow Fin Tuna, mildly spiced with no MSG.

Ingredients: Yellow Fin Tuna (wild caught), soy sauce, corn syrup, black pepper, ginger, red pepper, salt, sorbitol, nutmeg, onion powder, glutamic acid, sodium erythorbate.


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