Cajun Beef Jerky


Cajun Beef Jerky is made from thin slab cuts of top round.  Then the meat is marinated in a spicy cajun seasoning. These large slabs are easy to tear and have a firmer chew.

  • Flavor – smoky beef with the medium spice of traditional Louisianan Cajun flavor.
  • Meat cut – Thin cut large slab of whole muscle meat
  • Chewing texture – A medium-firm chew jerky

3.0 ounce

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Cajun Beef Jerky is made from a thin slab cut of top round. No added preservatives, MSG or nitrites.

Ingredients: Beef, water, brown sugar, soy sauce, pineapple juice, celery salt, garlic, smoked paprika, cayenne pepper, liquid smoke, thyme, onion, white pepper, black pepper, red chili pepper.