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  • sweet & spicy beef brisket

    Dahlonega Jerky Co. – Sweet & Spicy Beef Brisket Jerky

    Our Tender Steakhouse Recipe – We created our Sweet & Spicy Beef Brisket Jerky to satisfy your craving for a delicious steak smothered in steak sauce!  It is made in small batches from hand cut slices of tender beef brisket, then marinated in a sweet and mildly spicy seasoning and slow cooked to a moist tender jerky.

    Each bite captures the taste and tender meaty chew of a classic steak. 

    • Flavor – first you’ll taste the sweet and mildly spicy seasoning, followed by a savory hickory smokiness.
    • Meat cut – handcrafted thick slices of beef brisket.
    • Chewing texture – soft, moist, tender meaty chew jerky.

    3.0 ounce

  • chipotle whiskey beef jerky

    Dahlonega Jerky Co. – Chipotle Whiskey Beef Jerky

    Chipotle Whiskey Beef Jerky is our best selling jerky.  It is a complex profile of delicious flavors: smoked top round beef, then a mild sweetness, followed by the mellow taste of Dawsonville Distillery Corn Whiskey and finally the warmth of chipotle spicy. Each of the flavors are clearly identifiable as you chew! Hand crafted in small batches.

    • Flavor – smoky beef flavor with a whiskey infused marinate featuring chipotle, teriyaki and orange and honey flavors. Mild sweet and mild heat level
    • Meat cut – Thin cut large slab of whole muscle meat, easy to tear and chew
    • Chewing texture – A medium-firm chew jerky

    3.0 ounce, resealable bag