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  • mt america

    Mt America Sweet & Spicy Beef

    Mt America Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky is a gourmet jerky, handmade in small batches every day, this jerky is always fresh!

    • Flavor – a hickory smoked jerky seasoned with hot spices and a sweet flavor. A medium heat level.

    • Meat cut – Medium-thick strips of whole muscle meat

    • Chewing texture – A medium chew jerky

    1.75 ounce

  • Dahlonega Jerky Co. Tender Steakhouse Sweet & Spicy Brisket Jerky

    Dahlonega Jerky Co. Tender Steakhouse – Sweet & Spicy Beef Brisket

    Sweet & Spicy Brisket Jerky will satisfy your craving for a delicious steak smothered in a sweet & spicy steak sauce!

    • Flavor – first you’ll taste the sweet and mildly spicy seasoning, followed by a savory hickory smokiness.
    • Meat cut – handcrafted thick slices of beef brisket.
    • Chewing texture – soft, moist, tender meaty chew jerky.

    3.0 ounce, resealable bag