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  • Gift Box – Moonshine Munchies

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    Imagine yourself deep in the woods, making and sampling Moonshine.  What kind of snack would you like? We created the Moonshine Munchies gift box to satisfy your cravings.

    This gift box contains:  our Dahlonega Jerky Co. Chipotle Whiskey Beef jerky; Dahlonega Jerky Co. Moonshine Pork jerky; Real White Lightening Moonshine Jelly; a bag of Deep Fried Peanuts; and a pack of old fashioned candy cigarettes.

    $34.00 $28.95
  • Gift Box – Dahlonega Jerky Co. Favorites

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    Dahlonega It’s Pure Gold is our town motto.  To celebrate our rich history, we have created this gift box filled with five of our Dahlonega Jerky Co. best sellers! A remarkable selection of delicious flavors!

    $36.00 $28.95
  • Dahlonega Jerky Co. Taste Local Flavors – Moonshine Pork

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    Moonshine Pork Jerky is our newest recipe! Experience the taste of a slightly sweet smokey pork followed by the subtle warmth of moonshine!

    • Flavor – Hickory smoke pork tenderloin jerky with a light maple syrup, followed by a subtle heat compliment of moonshine and a hint black pepper.
    • Meat cut – slab cut slices of pork tenderloin
    • Chewing texture – A medium chew jerky

    3.0 ounce resealable bag