Spirit of the Wild West (complete series)

Add this Spirit of the Wild West set to your collection!  All four copper rounds are limited editions and out of production.

  • The Prospector design captures the image of an old prospector walking along with his pack mule. His life’s possessions and all the tools of his trade are packed on the mule’s back as the two continue their search for wealth in the West. The inscription ‘PROSPECTOR” is seen at the top, limited issue 2018.
  • The Gunslinger design captures the image of the old western gunslinger brandishing two pistols, he stands over the fallen body of his latest victim, in front of the town’s sheriff building. The inscription “GUNSLINGER” is seen at the bottom, limited issue 2018.
  • The Pony Express design features a young man riding a galloping horse across the rugged terrain to deliver the mail cross-country, he is racing to beat a steam train in the background. The inscription “PONY EXPRESS” on the bottom, limited issue 2019.
  • The CanCan Girl captures the inside of a Wild West saloon. As the bartender dries a mug and a patron looks on from the bar, a musician plays the piano as a young woman dances the CanCan to entertain the patrons of the bar. The inscription “CANCAN GIRL” on the bottom, limited issue 2020.

     The common reverse imagery on the Spirit of the Wild West series pays tribute to the expansion of the American frontier, built one small town at a time. The image captures everyday life on main street with citizens walking the dirt main road as a patron leaves the saloon and others walk along the boardwalk in front of the hotel.   999 investment-grade copper, 39mm rounds

     Sold in air-tite protective capsules and displayed in a unique floating frame display case that allows both sides of the coin to be viewed. Perfect desk or tabletop display.



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