Savage Reaper Beef

Savage Reaper Beef jerky is the hottest jerky we carry. A classic jerky infused with seething heat from fresh Carolina Reaper peppers, fresh Habanero peppers all topped with the Savage signature spice rub. Providing a burn that can last for 20 minutes or longer, this jerky is perfect for those that love the spiciest food imaginable.

  • Flavor – right up front you get the extreme heat from carolina reaper pepper blended with Savage’s jerky dry rub followed by a great beef flavor

  • Meat cut – thick cut pieces of meat

  • Chewing texture – medium chew

3 ounce resealable bag


  • Description


Savage Reaper Beef jerky is a hand-crafted small batch jerky made in Georgia.

Ingredients: Beef, gluten free tamari, worcestershire sauce, chili pepper extract, carolina reaper pepper, brown sugar, molasses, habaneros, cayenne, kosher salt, coarse black pepper, onion, red pepper flakes, garlic, cumin, liquid hickory smoke.