Mt America Bison Gluten Free

Mt America Bison Gluten Free

Mt America Bison Jerky is made from American Buffalo (or Bison) raised with no growth hormones or steroids. A thicker yet chewy cut of bison jerky that is high in protein, leaner than chicken breast, low cholesterol, low fat, and delicious! It is beefy, not gamey, free range, and is not fed animal by-products, hormones or antibiotics. The same great taste as Bison Original, but this recipe is Gluten Free.

  • Flavor – a hickory smoked jerky seasoned with mild black pepper

  • Meat cut – Medium-thick strips of whole muscle meat

  • Chewing texture – A medium chew jerky

1.75 & 3.25 ounce


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Mt America Bison Jerky is hand made in Colorado. It is natural hickory smoked; Gluten Free; no preservatives; no MSG; no nitrites.

Ingredients: Bison, Tamari soy sauce, brown sugar, salt, garlic, onion, spices.

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1.75 oz, 3.25 oz


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