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    These “three P’s”  Porkrinds, Peanuts and Popcorn are the best selling snacks in our store. Clean Eating, high protein and 0 cholesterol. We’ll send you:

    • Microwave pork rinds – plain (10 oz carton). 2 ingredients: pork & salt. Cook 1-2 minutes in your microwave for hot, fresh, non-greasy pork rinds anytime you want!
    • Deep Fried Peanuts – Salted, eat the shell and all (7 oz bag). 3 ingredients: peanuts, salt, soybean oil. Fried in the shell for a crispy, crunchy snack.
    • Amish Rainbow Popcorn (1 lb). 1 ingredient: assorted popcorn. Can be prepared on the stove or in any popcorn popper. All colored kernels pop white.