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  • Dahlonega Jerky Co. Tender Steakhouse Sweet & Spicy Brisket Jerky

    Dahlonega Jerky Co. Tender Steakhouse – Sweet & Spicy Beef Brisket

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    We made this jerky for Steak Lovers!  Do you like eating a delicious steak seasoned with a sweet & spicy steak sauce?  Then Dahlonega Jerky Co. Tender Steakhouse Sweet & Spicy Brisket Jerky will satisfy your craving!

    • Flavor – first you’ll taste sweetness with mild spicy, followed by a savory hickory smokiness.
    • Meat cut – handcrafted thick slices of beef brisket.
    • Chewing texture – soft, moist, tender meaty chew jerky.
    • Hand cut, made in small batches
    • No MSG, No preservatives, No nitrites

    3.0 ounce, resealable bag

  • Dahlonega Jerky Co. Taste Local Flavors – Chipotle Whiskey Beef

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    Our Taste Local Flavor Recipes are inspired by the farm-to-table culinary experience, with a twist.  We incorporate locally brewed artisian spirits in our marinates to create a unique gourmet handcrafted jerky.

    Chipotle Whiskey Beef Jerky is hand made in small batches from from large slab slices of top round beef that are marinated in Dawsonville Distillery’s Corn Whiskey and a blend of sweet and spicy seasoning, a nice chipotle heat.

    • Flavor – smoky beef flavor with a whiskey infused marinate featuring chipotle, teriyaki and orange and honey flavors. Mild sweet and mild heat level

    • Meat cut – Thin cut large slab of whole muscle meat, easy to tear and chew

    • Chewing texture – A medium-firm chew jerky

    3.0 ounce, resealable bag

  • Gift Box – Dahlonega Jerky Co. Favorites

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    Dahlonega It’s Pure Gold is our town motto.  To celebrate our rich history, we have created this gift box filled with five of our Dahlonega Jerky Co. best sellers! A remarkable selection of delicious flavors!

    $36.00 $28.95
  • mt america

    Mt America Sweet & Spicy Beef

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    Mt America Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky is a gourmet jerky, handmade in small batches every day, this jerky is always fresh!

    • Flavor – a hickory smoked jerky seasoned with hot spices and a sweet flavor. A medium heat level.

    • Meat cut – Medium-thick strips of whole muscle meat

    • Chewing texture – A medium chew jerky

    1.75 ounce