Food Oddities

  • mushroom jerky

    Pan’s Mushroom jerky

    0 out of 5

    Pan’s mushroom jerky is 100% meatless and made with abalone mushrooms. No preservatives, additives, nitrates or nitrites. A medium firm chew with great mushroom flavor.

    2.5 ounce re-sealable bag

  • eatible insects

    Eatible Insects

    0 out of 5

    The Eatible Insect snack collection is made from farm raised insects (not free range 😉 You will be shipped 4 delicious items, one box of each: dehydrated and seasoned Worm Larva, Crickets, Chocolate Covered Ants, and an Insect Sucker!

  • exotic jerky

    Mako Shark Jerky

    0 out of 5

    Mako Shark Jerky.

    • Flavor – smoky and mildly peppered, a rich flavorful fish jerky!

    • Meat Cut – Medium thickness, slabs

    • Chewing texture – medium chew

    3 ounce resealable bag

  • Python Jerky

    0 out of 5

    Python Jerky is one of our more exotic jerky animals. The flavor is similar to alligator.

    • Flavor – a teriyaki flavor with hickory smoke and mild pepper.

    • Meat cut – Medium-thick strips, somewhat moist.

    • Chewing texture – A tender chew jerky

    1.5 ounce resealable bag. This is a seasonal meat and subject to availability.

  • Gift Box – Picnic Pack

    0 out of 5

    A picnic in a box, including the ants 😉  This gift box is packed full of taste and fun!  Just pick up a bottle of wine and loaf of bread, you’ll have a picnic to remember!

    This is our most customizable Gift Box, it contains: Wild Game Summer Sausage (either Venison, Elk or Bison); Shelf stable cheddar cheese (either ultra sharp, smoked, or horseradish); Gourmet Mustard (either whole grain dijon, honey mustard, champagne dill, or horseradish); a crunchy salted gourmet snack (either deep fried peanuts, eat the shell and all, or toasted mini corn nuts; and a sucker filled with real eatable ants.

    $28.00 $25.95
  • Gift Box – Moonshine Munchies

    0 out of 5

    Imagine yourself deep in the woods, making and sampling Moonshine.  What kind of snack would you like? We created the Moonshine Munchies gift box to satisfy your cravings.

    This gift box contains:  JC Rivers Chipotle Bourbon jerky; JC Rivers Sweet & Spicy Pork jerky; Real White Lightening Moonshine Jelly; and a bag of crunchy Mini Roasted & Salted Toasted Corn

    $29.00 $26.95
  • Gift Box – Swamp Snacks

    0 out of 5

    Imagine you are deep in the swamp, surrounded by creatures looking at you as their next meal… BUT you eat them first 🙂

    Our Swamp Snack gift box contains unique mix of swamp creatures:  JC Rivers Wild Boar Jerky; Mt America Alligator Jerky; Dried Cricket Snacks (farm raised not free-range 😉 and a bottle of Swamp Juice Cajun hot sauce.

    $30.00 $27.95